Cheers, to Scotland!

Even with a large down coat, I was unprepared for the winter months of Edinburgh, Scotland. Coming from the south, my idea of cold is slightly different than the Scottish cold. However, at the end of my time here, I am actually sad to be packing my coat and saying goodbye to my morning walks with frozen hair.

My experience in Edinburgh was more than I anticipated. I fell in love with the city, the culture, and the people. I took classes at Napier University and interned in the Scottish Parliament working on the Commercial Sexual Exploitation campaign. However, one of my favorite parts abroad was joining a small group in a local church. This allowed me to plug myself into a larger community of people which quickly made Edinburgh feel more like home than an extended trip.

Studying abroad was easily the best choice I made in my academic career. Not only because of the incredible travel experiences I got to have, but also because of the position it put me in to learn much about myself and the world that I would not have learned otherwise.

It is special to have a city across the world in which I have my favorite local coffeeshops, familiar bus routes, and restaurants with waiters that have become friends. I am happy to take back some Scottish lingo, ideas, and way of life that now hold a piece of my heart. Studying abroad provides a unique opportunity to get to know a part of the world in a way that you cannot do by just visiting.

I might be biased, but Edinburgh, Scotland has some pretty awesome people and places. You definitely need a coat, no matter what season. But I promise that coat will quickly become one of your favorite memories.

Here are a few more photos of my favorite, and perhaps only times, I saw the sun this semester 🙂

Lexie Harvey, Furman University Class of 2018 (Edinburgh, Spring 2017)