Study Abroad Abroad

As an international student studying at the University of Rochester, it might seem strange to even consider going abroad since you’re already abroad. However, that is exactly what I decided to do as a second semester junior.

When I heard about the EPA program, it truly caught my attention. Whether it was the fact that I got to be in London or the fact that I would be able to gain valuable work experience at the same time. As a double major candidate for business and psychology with a passion for photography on the side, I was placed at Upbeat Productions as a production intern based in the heart of London.

I can’t stress how unique this opportunity has been for me – it’s not every day you get to work as a camera operator on a red carpet premier or as a production assistant on a press junket. As a production intern, I’ve truly gotten the opportunity to take a break from the business side of things and focus on photography and all things creative that have long been a passion of mine. In fact, it’s definitely made me reconsider my career options and given me the opportunity to say that I’ve seen celebrities like Sir Patrick Stewart, Karen Gillan among others.

Personally, I think there are so many things to gain from leaving your comfort zone to spend a semester in a foreign place. It’s made me realize my love for tea, and love for the hustle and bustle of being in a city. (Yes, I am that person that cannot stand it when you are walking slowly on the sidewalk); A big thing about the world we live in today is change – being able to adapt to any environment you are placed into is so crucial. Despite the seemingly glamorous life that you might see on my Snapchat or Instagram stories, it’s undeniably hard to be away from the familiarity of the University and loved ones; but the payoff makes it totally worth it! My advice? Get out, get exploring, work hard and play hard – make the most of your semester abroad. With resources like Time Out and Facebook events, the world is your oyster.

Josephine Foong, University of Rochester Class of 2019 (London, Spring 2018)