International Advocacy in Brussels

It’s been lovely completing this program with EPA – there is much to reflect on. I began my time here in May for a summer internship in the research department of an organization called​ Education International​, one day after I graduated university in Boston, Massachusetts.

I arrived with little knowledge of Global Advocacy. I arrived with even less knowledge of Brussels. Now, months later, I will be leaving equipped with a broad understanding of transnational advocacy, increased self-efficacy, and a yearning for real Belgian fries that will never, ​ever ​be satisfied in the United States. ​Education International ​has provided me with stimulating challenges that have improved my ability to work, read, write, think, and create. The scope of the work is rich and impactful. It has been a privilege to immerse myself in it.

EPA gave me the opportunity to be independent and flourish in a city completely unlike my own. Brussels is a city that is fantastic and chaotic. The people are diverse. It is at the heart of the European Union – you live where some of the most important world decisions are being consulted every single day. It is bustling with different languages, fashions, food and entertainment. It is flooded with young professionals who are eager to talk and connect. Being 21 years old and fresh out of college, I cannot imagine a better city to be in. I am leaving here with friends and memories from all over.

I hope everyone decides to do something crazy like this – spending a summer in a new place with no friends or familiarity to anything or anyone. It has been the adventure of my life so far. I am so grateful for EPA and all they have provided me with!

Micaela Clark, Suffolk University