Inside the European Parliament

 Many might see the European Union as just one big law-making machine. We have all heard of the European Union but can’t place a name or face to the institution. Well, interning inside the European Parliament has given me several names to associate with this mega union. There are several people behind the scenes who … Continue reading Inside the European Parliament

Wishing I Could Rewind

Where have three months gone? I am just now realizing the little time I have left in the wonderful city I have called ‘home’ for the past semester, Edinburgh, and am wishing I could rewind the clock. Studying in Edinburgh has illustrated a whole world of opportunity available at my fingertips, as I have the … Continue reading Wishing I Could Rewind

Three truths about the concept of time abroad

Time is concrete. A concept we can all understand and something that remains true for all of us, no matter who or where we are. I had ten months of time to contemplate and anticipate my abroad adventures that loomed in the future. That’s a long time to ponder something, but it came and went, … Continue reading Three truths about the concept of time abroad

Study Abroad Abroad

As an international student studying at the University of Rochester, it might seem strange to even consider going abroad since you’re already abroad. However, that is exactly what I decided to do as a second semester junior. When I heard about the EPA program, it truly caught my attention. Whether it was the fact that … Continue reading Study Abroad Abroad

Home Away from Home (including the difficulties…)

At my school, Furman University, it is not out of the ordinary to study abroad. To me, after my sister went to Edinburgh, I knew that I was going to follow in her footsteps, and I did exactly just that. After having been here for just over a month, Edinburgh has quickly become home to … Continue reading Home Away from Home (including the difficulties…)

The “Real World” in Edinburgh

One of the most unique components of my semester in Scotland was my academic internship.  On most study abroads, you are just taking classes at a foreign university, but with EPA, you have the chance to partake in an internship while also taking a few classes.  I interned with Law At Work (LAW), a company … Continue reading The “Real World” in Edinburgh