Study Abroad Abroad

As an international student studying at the University of Rochester, it might seem strange to even consider going abroad since you’re already abroad. However, that is exactly what I decided to do as a second semester junior. When I heard about the EPA program, it truly caught my attention. Whether it was the fact that … Continue reading Study Abroad Abroad

Experiencing London

If I could summarize my study abroad semester with EPA London in one word, it would be “experience.” I’m not sure what I expected the semester to be like as I boarded the plane to start my time abroad, but I am confident that I had no idea of just what I would encounter when … Continue reading Experiencing London

The “Real World” in Edinburgh

One of the most unique components of my semester in Scotland was my academic internship.  On most study abroads, you are just taking classes at a foreign university, but with EPA, you have the chance to partake in an internship while also taking a few classes.  I interned with Law At Work (LAW), a company … Continue reading The “Real World” in Edinburgh