Nabila in Brussels

Hello everyone! My name is Nabila Mella and I am an International Relations major with a double minor in Public Health and French at the University of Rochester. I am originally from the Dominican Republic (DR) and am currently studying abroad this Fall 2019 semester in Brussels, Belgium.  I’ve always known I wanted to study … Continue reading Nabila in Brussels

Life Abroad, A Reflection

Hello! My name is Brianna Chalas and I am a Marketing and Big Data double major. I currently study in Boston, Massachusetts and today we are going to talk about a little bit about life abroad from the viewpoint of someone who feared it.    Now, where do I even begin? Ah yes! If you … Continue reading Life Abroad, A Reflection

A Bittersweet Scottish Send-Off: Closing 5 Months in Edinburgh with Gratitude

This unique semester has slowly and certainly acquainted me with a welcomed, yet pretty unfamiliar concept: quiet. My ordinary days here have been largely quiet and still, and they have looked markedly different than those of my typical semester schedules. Most days here have been devoid of the numbing hustle and incessant noise that grew all too … Continue reading A Bittersweet Scottish Send-Off: Closing 5 Months in Edinburgh with Gratitude

Discovering My True Passions: The Europe Edition

This summer I am interning in Brussels, Belgium at the European Parliament. As an International Relations major and French minor, I could not have asked for a more fitting location and internship. I am working for Bill Etheridge, an MEP (Member of European Parliament) from the United Kingdom. At the office, I have researched a … Continue reading Discovering My True Passions: The Europe Edition

Study Abroad Abroad

As an international student studying at the University of Rochester, it might seem strange to even consider going abroad since you’re already abroad. However, that is exactly what I decided to do as a second semester junior. When I heard about the EPA program, it truly caught my attention. Whether it was the fact that … Continue reading Study Abroad Abroad