Who are we?

Educational Programmes Abroad (EPA) is a leading provider of study abroad and internship programs in Western Europe for students pursuing undergraduate studies at Universities in the USA.

EPA’s study abroad and internship programs aim to:

Promote academic, professional and personal development of our students by fostering new and stimulating national and international perspectives on wide-ranging issues within and beyond each student’s academic speciality. Develop a stronger sense of intellectual openness and independence in our students. Enhance our students’ intercultural awareness and understanding. Strengthen our student’s range of skills and competencies to assist their future employability and career development. We collaborate productively with our partner organizations, including host employers, academic institutions, students’ home institutions, and with the program participants. These thriving partnerships are central to the planning and administration of EPA’s program provision and to ensuring the best possible experience for students.

Through on-site visits as well as feedback from supervisors, schools and participants, EPA rigorously manages and evaluates its internship and study abroad programs to ensure that the academic standards of the programs offered and the quality of the internships are maintained and enhanced.